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49 Results

Goldair 86cm Bladeless Tower Fan
Product rating: 4.0
Goldair Platinum 96cm WiFi Tower Fan
Product rating: 3.9
Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde
Product rating: 5.0
Dyson Purifier Cool
Product rating: 4.3
Goldair 4L Evaporative Cooler
Product rating: 2.1
Goldair 15cm Rechargeable Desk Air Circulator
Product rating: 4.8
Breville The Re-Fresha Kit
Product rating: 4.7
Goldair 23cm Box Fan - Black
Product rating: 4.2
Sheffield Portable Mini Fan
Product rating: 4.7
Endeavour Pedestal Fan with Timer & Remote White
Product rating: 5.0
Sheffield Rechargeable Clip Fan
Product rating: 4.5
Sheffield Evaporative Tower Cooler
Product rating: 2.7
Sheffield Remote Control Tower Fan
Product rating: 3.5
Endeavour DC Circulation Fan With Remote
Product rating: 4.6
Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool
Product rating: 3.8
Endeavour Desk Fan - 30CM
Product rating: 4.4
Goldair Whisper Quiet 40cm Pedestal Fan
Product rating: 3.3
Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Gen1
Product rating: 5.0

Fans at Noel Leeming

Stay cool and comfortable this season with a fantastic range of cooling fans available exclusively at Noel Leeming. Don't wait until the sweltering heat catches you off guard – come explore our diverse collection of affordable cooling solutions to beat the heat effectively.

Innovative Bladeless Fans for Modern Comfort

Our bladeless fans are a prime example of innovation meeting convenience. Experience efficient airflow without the hassle of blades, making them safer and easier to clean. These modern marvels blend seamlessly with any decor while ensuring optimal cooling performance.

Space-Saving Tower Fans with Smart Features

If you're looking for a space-saving option, our tower fans are the ideal choice. Their sleek and slim design enhances portability, allowing you to place them anywhere you desire. Take advantage of built-in timers that promote energy conservation and ultimately lead to cost savings. With a remarkable 75-degree oscillation and multiple speed settings, these tower fans ensure even air distribution throughout the room. Thanks to their high-reaching tower design, you can enjoy maximum air delivery, complemented by a stable, topple-resistant base for added safety.

Powerful Pedestal Fans for Customized Comfort

For those seeking power-packed performance, our metal pedestal fans are a true game-changer. Engineered with a tiltable head, you can direct the airflow precisely where you need it. With multiple speed settings and oscillation capabilities, these pedestal fans provide customizable comfort. Adjust the height effortlessly and choose from various finishes to match your interior decor.

Noel Leeming is your ultimate destination for all things cooling. Don't wait until the heatwave strikes – take advantage of our incredible selection of cooling fans that combine innovation, efficiency, and style. Visit our store today and discover the perfect cooling companion to ensure your comfort throughout the hottest days of the year. Stay ahead of the heat with Noel Leeming!