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Goldair 2000W Mica Heater Wifi
Product rating: 4.0

Micathermic Heaters at Noel Leeming

One of the most energy efficient kinds of heaters available in the market today are micathermic space heaters. These innovative heating appliances operate by utilizing an electrical resistor that converts electricity into heat when turned on. This unique functionality allows micathermic heaters to waste minimal electricity, making them highly efficient and eco-friendly choices for heating your living spaces.

Ideal for Targeted Heating

Micathermic space heaters are particularly popular for their versatility and portability. Many homeowners use these heaters as additional sources of warmth, especially in smaller rooms where centralized heating may not be sufficient. Due to their compact size and lightweight design, micathermic heaters can be easily moved around the house, providing targeted heat to various individual rooms as needed. This flexibility makes them an ideal heating solution for those seeking personalized comfort in different areas of their homes.

Browse the Fantastic Range of Heaters

Noel Leeming, a leading retailer in New Zealand, takes pride in offering a fantastic range of micathermic heaters to cater to diverse heating needs. Whether you prefer to make your purchase online or visit one of our physical stores, you have the flexibility to choose the most convenient shopping method. By shopping at Noel Leeming, you also have the opportunity to earn Flybuys, a loyalty program that rewards you for your purchases.

In addition to micathermic heaters, Noel Leeming offers a diverse range of heaters you may want to consider, such as oil, panel, radiant and other types.

In summary, micathermic heaters are highly regarded for their energy efficiency and effectiveness in providing targeted heat. They are ideal for heating smaller rooms, and their portability adds to their convenience. At Noel Leeming, you can explore an impressive collection of micathermic heaters, allowing you to find the perfect one for your home. Take advantage of the online shopping option and earn Flybuys while enjoying the best price guarantee. Stay warm and comfortable this winter with a micathermic heater from Noel Leeming.