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Jackson IB World Travel Adapter
Product rating: 4.0
Belkin 8-Way Surge Protector with Dual USB Port
Product rating: 4.6
Jackson OTB Travel 2.1A Bali Europe & More
Product rating: 3.0
Tech.Inc 6 Way Powerboard with Surge Protection
Product rating: 5.0
Jackson OTB Travel 2.1A USA Canada
Product rating: 5.0
Belkin 4-Way Surge Protector with 2m Cord
Product rating: 4.8
Jackson OTB Travel 2.1A. UK SIN HK & More
Product rating: 2.0
Belkin Single Surge Protector
Product rating: 4.2
Belkin 6-Way Surge Protector with Dual USB Port
Product rating: 4.8
Tech.Inc 6 Way Powerboard
Product rating: 1.0
Jackson OB USB/C Travel Adaptor India Slim
Product rating: 5.0

Extension Leads & Power Boards at Noel Leeming

Do you ever find yourself running into power problems? We know it's a bummer, but we've got the solution. Our heavy-duty extension leads, and power boards are just what you need to stay charged up and ready to go. Many are equipped with a universal USB charging port that allows you to charge at the highest speeds possible, so there will be no more waiting around for your phone to charge. With up to 8 outlets available on each board, you'll never have to worry about not being able to plug in all your devices at once. And our extension leads come with surge protection, so you can rest easy knowing your gear is safe from any unexpected power fluctuations.

Noel Leeming has a large selection of power accessories including batteries & chargers, extension leads & power boards, smoke alarms and offers the best price in New Zealand.