ChromeBooks at Noel Leeming

Chromebooks are a great innovation offering a full Internet experience with the Google Chrome browser, running all Google Apps including the universally popular Gmail, Drive and other apps. Since they save on internal storage you save on cost, and get a highly functional laptop for a great price. Our Chromebooks are priced to fit a student's budget, and work great as a second computer, travel laptop and more. The Chromebooks have increased battery life, built-in protections and super-fast performance with enough hard drive storage capacity for the essentials, plenty of GB RAM and excellent graphics. The idea is that the laptop become a gateway to the Internet, and those savvy about working in the cloud and storing their files and content online, or who are just looking for a quick, inexpensive web surfer without sacrificing online speed or functionality, will appreciate the value and benefits of a Chromebook without paying for a lot of capability they don't really need.