Walk out with your tech working.

A new computer or tablet can change the way you work, relax or play – but only if you really know how to use it! What use is that big purchase if you’re not getting the most out of it?

Let us help you make sure it’s ready to go, so you have a functioning device from the get-go, and actually know how to use all those flash new features. From unboxing and setup, to syncing your old data and connecting to other devices, our Tech Solutions team is here to help.

What can we help with?

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Unbox and set up.

Not sure how to set up your apps? Can’t sync your email with your calendar? No stress. We can make sure your new tech is working exactly as it should, here in-store or at your place.

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Safety first.

Confused about virus protection? Want to keep things safe for the kids? Need some quick tips? Our expert team can help you get the most from your tech – in-store or at your place.

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Device connection.

Want your devices working together, but not sure where to start? Our team can connect printers, apps, modems, media players, and more. It’s second nature to us, just ask.

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Data transfer.

A new device is always exciting, but you’ll want to keep all the stuff from your old one. We’ve got the tools to shift things over. So just pop in, hand it over, then grab a bite while we do the work.

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WiFi assessment.

A fast reliable connection is a must these days. We can come to your place and check for dead spots, plus make recommendations on how to speed things up. Just name a time.

Need help setting up your computer?

Set up & Install

We'll set up your new computer including the installation of any relevant software prior to visiting your home

Simply add Tech Solutions In Home Computer Set Up Service to your cart and our bookings team will contact you within 48 hrs to arrange a suitable time.

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