Got a new smartphone? Want to make sure it’s ready to go? From loading apps, to syncing your email with your calendar, to fitting cases, our Tech Solutions team are here to help.


Not sure how to set up your passcode? Having app confusion? No stress. We can make sure your device is working exactly as it should, here in-store or at your place. 

Data transfer.

A new device is always exciting, but you’ll want to keep all the stuff from your old one.

Thankfully, we’ve got all the right tools to shift things over. Just pop in and say hi.

Sync email and calendar. 

Want to have your calendar handy? Like to keep in touch on the go? Easy. We can sync your email and calendar to your smartphone, so that you’ve got your diary in your pocket.

Safety first.

Confused about virus protection? Want to keep things safe for the kids? Need some quick tips? Our expert team can help you get the most from your tech – in store or at your place.

Smartphone extras.

We’re happy to help with any extras, including loading your SIM card, adding prepaid credit and even fitting your screen protector and case to your phone. Too easy.

Which device?

Call us on 0800 44 44 88 to find out more