Whether you want a mini dehumidifer, a simple 8-litre model or a powerful and bigger model, Noel Leeming has the one you need to keep damp areas free of excess humidity. Fight mildew and mold by removing litres and litres of water from affected areas, and take advantage of the washable air purifying filters and astonishing quietness in some of the models we offer. FInd dehumidifers with multi directional drying, high humidity indicators, laundry mode settings and high-capacity water tanks for maximum effectiveness in removing water from the air. You can even find some models that offer a shoe dryer attachment along with the air purification filtering and electronic control that give you convenience and efficiency. If all you need is wardrobe dehumidifying we have models specially engineered for such close work, with indicators to show moisture absorption and rechargeable non-toxic silica gel crystals.