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  • Navman DRIVE DUO


    $ 249.00
    9 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 31 August 2018.

    Have the best of both worlds with the DRIVE DUO - a great dash cam and the best sat-nav features in one. It has a 5" LCD screen, Bluetooth Handsfree, Live Traffic Updates, 3D Landmark Guidance, Speed Limit and Spoken Safety Alerts, Premium Driver Alerts, Zomato Restaurant Guide and Lifetime Maps, plus the camera is 1080p Full HD, has GPS tracking, and a 3-Axis G- shock sensor so if you are in an accident all the vital information is automatically recorded and saved. You can even add a rear camera to record what's happening behind too. (Sold separately)

    • 5" Touchscreen
    • Combo PND/Dashcam
    • Lifetime NZ/AU Maps
  • Garmin Dash Cam 55

    DASH CAM 55

    $ 269.99
    10 Fly Buys points

    Dash Cam 55 is an easy-to-use 1440p high-definition driving recorder with 2.0" LCD display. With a wide-angle lens, it captures the entire road and includes GPS for detailed time and location data, pinpointing exactly where and when events happened.

    • Small and inconspicuous when mounted on windshield
    • Alerts if you drift off-road or into oncoming traffic to help avoid incidents and encourage safer driving
    • Driver alerts: when your vehicle is stopped at an intersection or in traffic, the "Go" Alert notifies you when traffic ahead of your vehicle is moving again
    • Built-in Wi-Fi lets you wirelessly sync videos from Dash Cam to the VIRB Mobile app to easily share videos with friends
    • G-sensor automatically saves footage of incidents on impact
    • Records location, direction, speed, date and time to show exactly when and where incidents happened
  • Navman MiVue780


    $ 229.00
    9 Fly Buys points

    MiVUE780 offers better protection featuring EZYSHARE via WIFI to instantly save or share your footage or back up emergency and event files straight to your mobile device, from there you can share to social media or email, without needing to connect to a computer. Packed with premium dash cam features including a 1080p Full HD all glass lens camera, GPS tracking, 3-Axis G-Shock sensor , Optimised Day and Night Recording, Headlight Alert, Driver Fatigue Alert, Safety Camera Alerts and Event Recording Mode via WIFI on your mobile device.

    • 2.7" screen
    • 1080P
    • GPS tracking
    • Safety Cam Alerts
    • WIFI
  • Navman MiVue800 Dual Cam


    $ 249.99
    9 Fly Buys points

    Sometimes accidents happen from behind and for this reason the MiVUE800 Dual Camera has a front and rear 1080p Full HD camera for dual channel recording. It also includes Optimised Day and Night Recording, GPS tracking, 3-Axis G-Shock sensor, Event Recording and a 2.7" screen with 130 degree Wide Angle glass Lens.

    • 2.7" LCD screen
    • 1080P
    • Dual Cam
    • Driver alerts
  • Navman Drive Duo 2.0

    DRIVE DUO 2.0

    $ 299.00
    11 Fly Buys points

    Built in 1080P Full HD Dash Cam, 3 Axis G-Shock Sensor, Event Recording, wide angle glass lens, 2CH Dual Camera Recording compatible(Rear camera sold separetly), 16GB microSD included, 5" touchscreen LCD, AU & NZ lifetime monthly maps, live traffic updates, premium safety alerts, 3d junction view with real signage, voice destination entry, 3d landmarks, bluetooth handsfree, roadside & parking assist, spoken safety alerts, trip planner, digital logbook, landmark guidance, speed limit alert, driver fatigue warnings, premium driver alerts, 2 Year Warranty, preloaded with international languages

    • 5" Touchscreen
    • Dual Recording
    • Lifetime NZ/AU Maps
  • Navman MiVue740


    $ 179.00
    7 Fly Buys points

    2.7" LCD, 1080P Full HD recording, GPS tracking, 3 Axis G-Shock Sensor, Event recording mode, 2MP CMOS sensor, 130 degree wide angle glass lens, optimised day/night recording, rotating design, Parking mode Compatible (requires constant power accessory sold separetly), compatible with up to 128GB microSD, 1 year warranty

    • 2.7" LCD screen
    • 1080P Recording
    • GPS Tracking
    • Event Recorder Mode
  • Uniden iGO CAM 40 Smart Dash Cam


    $ 199.99
    7 Fly Buys points

    Uniden Full HD Smart Dash Cam With 2" LCD Colour Screen With GPS Geotagging.

    • 2" LCD Colour screen
    • 3 Axis G-Sensor
    • GPS Geotagging
  • Navman MiVue860 Dual Cam with Wifi and Tyre Monitoring

    MIVUE860 DC

    $ 699.00
    27 Fly Buys points

    2.7" Touchscreen LCD , 2 CH Dual Recording 1080P Full HD Front & Rear,Instant Back Up via WiFi, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System included, ADAS Safety Features, Lifetime Monthly Safety Cam Updates, Headlight &Fatigue Alerts, Low Light Sony Sensor, GPS Tagged Video, 3 Axis G-Shock Sensor, Event recording mode, 2MP CMOS sensor, 140 degree wideangle glass lens, optimised day/night recording, Parking mode Compatible (requires constant power accessory sold separately), rotating design, compatible with up to 128GB microSD, 1 year warranty

    • 2.7" Touchscreen LCD screen
    • 1080p Front & Rear Recording
    • WiFi
    • Tyer Pressure Monitoring System
  • Garmin Dash Cam 65W

    DASH CAM 65W

    $ 299.00
    11 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 2 September 2018.

    The small and discreet Dash Cam 65W does more than just record your drive. It starts recording automatically and saves footage in case of incidents. Dash Cam 65W has an extra-wide 180-degree field of view that captures more of your surroundings, including crossing traffic, in high quality 1080p video.

    • 180-Degree Camera
    • Compact Design
    • Voice Control
    • Go Alert
    • Wi-Fi
    • Travelapse
    • Parking Mode
    • Incident Detection
    • GPS Enabled
    • Red Light & Speed camera Alerts