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Chromecast with Google TV HD - Snow
Product rating: 4.6
Amazon All-New Fire TV Stick 4K Max
Product rating: 4.3
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Product rating: 4.5
Chromecast with Google TV - 4K
Product rating: 4.4
Panasonic DVD Player
Product rating: 4.0
DishTV SmartVU SV11HD Android TV Dongle
Product rating: 3.1
DishTV SmartVU Android TV Freeview Dongle - 4K
Product rating: 4.4
DishTV SAT1 Freeview Satellite Receiver
Product rating: 4.7
DishTV T7070PVR Terrestrial Recorder
Product rating: 5.0
Panasonic 4K Blu-ray Player
Product rating: 4.2
Panasonic Blu-ray Player
Product rating: 4.0
DishTV S7070PVR Dual tuner Satellite Recorder
Product rating: 3.0
Panasonic Twin UHF Tuner Recorder with Freeview
Product rating: 3.9

Media players at Noel Leeming

How’s your media player setup? If you’re looking for a great range of media players, you’ve come to the right place. Get streaming in a few simple steps with a Chromecast or Apple TV media player. Or get easy access to all of your streaming accounts like Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVNZ and more with a Freeview-enabled device. Say goodbye to missing out on your favourite shows thanks to on-demand streaming and recording options. Whatever type of streaming setup you’re looking for, Noel Leeming is sure to have the perfect one for you.

While streaming is the way of the future, sometimes having guaranteed access to your favourite shows or movies from your DVD or Blu-ray collection is priceless. Don’t let those DVDs and Blu-ray’s gather dust! Find the perfect DVD or Blu-ray player to suit you and your family’s needs and put the finishing touch on that home entertainment system.